NESMC, the New England Spectrum Management Council, is the NFCC certified frequency coordination body for amateur operations on the 29MHz and up frequency bands in the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

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Updated November 26, 2018

  • By electronic vote ending on November 25, 2018 Bob DeMattia K1IW was elected as the NESMC president, Bernie Peabody N1IMO was elected as NESMC treasurer, and Jeremy Taylor K1JST was elected as NESMC secretary. Dave Hawke KQ1L replaces Marty Rigoulot as Maine Director, and John Robinson W1JFR replaces retiring director Rick Cabal. All other NESMC directors were reelected.

  • Before considering a new 2m repeater, please see our notice about the lack of 2m frequencies.

  • In 2017, NESMC provided repeater data to RFinder, LLC exclusively for publication in the 2017-2018 ARRL repeater directory. In violation of the agreement, RFinder re-used a portion of the data for the 2018 repeater directory. NESMC did not authorize the use of its data for this purpose. As a result of this, NESMC will no longer be providing data to RFinder or to the ARRL for use in any publication. As of July 1st, 2018 the only official source for NESMC data is the NESMC website. We are considering making a printed publication available and will have more news on this at the annual meeting in September.

  • Please note: As of 24 April 2017, NESMC is operating on an all-electronic basis. The paper coordination form dated 2004 will no longer be accepted by any method of delivery. Please use our electronic transaction system for all requests.

  • At the 2016 NESMC annual meeting at the ARRL New England Convention on September 10, Bob DeMattia K1IW was elected as the NESMC president, Bernie Peabody N1IMO was elected as NESMC treasurer, and Jim Fowler KA1SU was elected as NESMC secretary, replacing Bob McCormick W1QA, Lindsay Collins K1JY, and Dave Bushong KZ1O, respectively. All other NESMC officers were reelected. The membership also approved bylaws amendments, one clarifying the election procedure and another allowing NESMC final coordinators holders who live outside the NESMC service area to be voting members.

  • NESMC held a special meeting on Wednesday November 18, 2015 at 7PM at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough (same location at the New England Convention). This meeting was cosponsored by the Minuteman Repeater Association. Lee, N3LEE made a presentation on spectrally efficient technologies. Topics included simulcast/voting technologies, commercial 6.25khz technology and their advantages for Amateur communications. Commercial hardware was made available to demonstrate simulcast and NXDN/IDAS technology.

  • February 2015: By a vote of 171 to 37, with 5 abstentions, the NESMC two-meter bandplan was approved by the general membership. Details of the voting, and the process are here.

  • January 2014: By a vote of 120 to 38, with 3 abstentions, the NESMC two meter band change was approved for a one year trial period. Details of the trial are here.

  • At the 2013 General Meeting, members present approved by majority vote, with no objections or absentions, changes to the 33cm and 23 cm bandplans. Members also approved changes to th NESMC bylaws to all for electronic voting. The revised bandplans and bylaws are now published in documents area. The members also voted to remove two directors due to non-participation. NESMC is now seeking individuals to fill the vacant positions for NH, Western MA, and RI until the next election in 2014.

  • After over two decades of service, Lew Collins W1GXT has retired from his position as 902 MHz and up coordinator. Tony Souza, NN1D has been appointed by the NESMC board as the new coordinator. We thank Lew for his service to the ham community and welcome Tony to the NESMC team.

  • At the 2012 NESMC annual meeting at the ARRL New England Convention on August 25, 2012, Richard Cabral W1RJC was elected as the newest NESMC director, replacing Tony Sousa, NN1D. All other NESMC officers were reelected. The membership also approved a motion to change the bandplan concerning the 145 MHz "splinter" channels. Under the new rules, all emissions 9K00 or narrower are allowed on these channels.

  • Effective February 1, 2012, Jeff Lehmann, N1ZZN, is the new NESMC 440 coordinator. The NESMC board offers a warm welcome to Jeff in his new role. The board also thanks Lou Harris, the outgoing coordinator, for eight years of service in that position.

  • At the NESMC general meeting on August 28, 2010, Bob McCormick W1QA was elected as NESMC president. John Frye, N1OTY is our new vice-president. Terry Stader KA8SCP and Tony Souza NN1D were elected as new Eastern Mass. Directors, and Chris Gagne N1PMA was elected as a new director for Western Mass. All other NESMC board members were reelected. A list of our board members can be found on our contact page (see menu button above).

  • The board has approved a change to the repeater directory regions. This change will affect the the 2011 ARRL repeater directory. The Western part of Massachusetts has been realigned to follow county lines. Click on the 'Regions' link in the menu bar to see the new alignment.

  • A revised bandplan document, incorporating the 7 November 2009 change to 902 MHz, is now available in the documents section of this website.

  • At the 2009 General Meeting, members present approved by a majority vote, with no objections and two absentions, a change to the 902 MHz band plan to allow a limited number of repeater pairs in the low part of the band. Specifically, 927.0375, 927.0500, 927.0625, and 927.0750 (and the corresponding -25MHz inputs) are available as a last resort to systems which are unable to function in the "standard" part of the band, 927.4 - 927.9. No new coordinations will be assigned these pairs; only after a repeater owner has demonstrated (1) a serious impact at a standard pair and (2) that the special pair will show significant improvement will a coordination be given on one of these channels. Furthermore, automatic control of transmitter at these special inputs (for example, an on-channel link transmitter) is not coordinated. A more detailed explanation of the rationale behind this change will be made available on this website in the next two weeks.

  • We have added a new section to the website to explain how repeaters are grouped in the ARRL repeater directory. Check it Out.

  • The NESMC Home and Access pages have been combined into one. This allows you to see the latest news at the same time that you log in!

  • At the NESMC General Meeting on August 23, all existing officers were reelected to the current positions. Due to the approved bylaw change, all vice directors now hold the title of director. An updated version of the bylaws will be made available soon on this website. In the meantine, the marked up version (with the approved changes) of the bylaws can be found here.

  • Welcome to Dave Bushong, KZ1O, who was elected to fill the vacant secretary position.

  • Electronic filing is the preferred method of filing coordination applications. Paper applications will continue to be available, but the coordination process by this method will be significantly slower. If possible, please use the NESMC on-line system to apply for all new coordinations, renewals or modifications.

  • The NESMC bandplans are now available in an easy-to-ready chart format. See the documents area of our website.

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