The NESMC general membership has approved, by majority vote, the new bandplan for two meters.  The one-month voting period ended last night, 31-Jan-2015, after a one year trial period.

Details of the bandplan, the coordination procedure, and our bylaws are available in the documents area of the NESMC website, here:

Voting totals were as follows:

YEA 171 80.3%
NAY 37 17.4%
ABSTAIN 5 2.3%

TOTAL 213 100.0%

Additional information:

The original trial vote in 2013 was 120/38/3 and passed with a YEA vote of 74.5%

The NESMC membership consists of:

787  active accounts
74    club accounts (not eligible)
45    non-club accounts less than six months
40    non-club accounts > six months but not in MA/ME/NH/RI
628  eligible to vote

mailed to the membership 01-Feb-2015